Centrally located within the major markets of the Pacific Northwest.

Direct flights offered to Pasco from Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix-Mesa, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

The Tri-Cities is served by Allegiant Airlines, Delta Connection, Alaska Airlines and United Express.

Highway Distance in Miles from the Pasco/Tri-Cities Airport to:

Spokane, WA 136 miles
Portland, OR 218 miles
Seattle, WA 225 miles
Boise, ID 293 miles
Vancouver, BC 359 miles
Calgary, AB 567 miles
Salt Lake City, UT 629 miles
San Francisco, CA 742 miles
Los Angeles, CA 1,070 miles
Denver, CO 1,119 miles
Albuquerque, NM 1,247 miles
Phoenix, AZ 1,281 miles
Minneapolis, MN 1,515 miles
Chicago, IL 1,923 miles
Dallas, TX 1,990 miles
Cleveland, OH 2,267 miles
New York, NY 2,712 miles
Miami, FL 3,169 miles